Debs Park Second Sundays! Free Native Plant Seed & Propagation Classes

Debs Park Second Sundays! Free Native Plant Seed & Propagation Classes

Second Sundays with Audubon Center @ Debs Park with native plant nerd Antonio Sanchez!

Join us FOR FREE every 2nd Sunday morning at Audubon Center (Debs Park) to learn the ins and outs of growing California native plants from seeds, cuttings, and more with native plant nerd Antonio Sanchez! Every month, we'll cover a few unique plants, and all registered folks get to take some seed, cuttings, soil, pots, etc. home with them (depending on what is worked on that week). Classes offered in English, but Spanish translation is available, just let us know when you arrive! Meet us in the main parking lot at 9am, and we'll walk down together to the nursery for the class. Arriving late? Follow the signs to make it down to the nursery!

Podemos ofrecer la clase en español e inglés para cualquier persona que lo prefiera o lo requiera. ¡Todos son bienvenidos, háganos saber su preferencia de idioma cuando llegue!

Over various months, folks can expect to work with White Sage, Monkeyflowers, Hummingbird Sage and many more fun and local native plants. Techniques and topics covered will vary by week, and may include:

- Identifying, cleaning, sowing and germinating native seed

- Preparing and rooting cuttings of native plants

- Caring for native plant seedlings, rooted cuttings, and more

T his class is focused on teaching folks from our local communities about growing local plants, with the hopes of getting more low-cost native plants out into local gardens. There's even the chance of trading in rooted native plants for store credit at Artemisia Nursery! Register today, and email any questions to

A bout the workshop leader:

A ntonio Sanchez has been working with CA native plants for over 15 years and helped organize the California Native Food Symposium (2015) and the Southern California Monarch and Milkweed Conference (2021). He loves cooking with native plants, learning from other folks about native plants, and is co-founder of the punk/folk/rock group Sage Against the Machine (Instagram @nativesageagainstthemachine)

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